Main FAQs

Where can I buy CORE?

You can currently buy CORE on Uniswap. Make sure to check out CORE on Coingecko or Coinmarketcap to find the correct trading pair.

What are CORE/WETH UNIV2 LP tokens used for?

They are used to farm CORE inside the COREVault smart contracts. Outside of that they are normal tokens, you can trade them, transfer them. Do whatever you please with them.

Can I withdraw CORE/WETH UNIV2 LP tokens for CORE/WETH on Uniswap?

No the unique tokenomics of CORE locks all liquidity withdrawals from Uniswap. It creates the possibility of a price floor and makes the deflationary farming process unique.

What makes the CORE Token different?

All CORE that will ever be created (10,000) is generated during the Liquidity Generation Event and subsequently put into liquidity. Making CORE deflationary. Together with a fee on token transfers which is distributed to stakers, it creates the possibility for a deflationary farming process.

How do we farm CORE when its deflationary ?

Every transfer and trade of CORE has a fee attached to it, which goes inside the COREVault contract and is farmable. These fees will be distributed to CORE stakers therefore providing rewards without inflating the Coin.

Will we be able to farm CORE with tokens other than CORE/WETH UNIV2 LP ?

The community governance will have to decide on future LP pools. Based on yield farming strategies its in their interest to do so. As soon as governance launches there will be proposals to vote on (including by the CORE team).

How do I obtain CORE-LP tokens and stake them on the platform?

To obtain CORE-LP tokens, please visit, click on the Farm tab and press the button "Buy LP and Stake with One Click". This opens CORE Router. Choose the amount of Ethereum you would like to swap to LP tokens. Check the box "stake automatically" if you want to directly stake your LP tokens. Press "SWAP ETH for LP" and confirm your transaction.

Can I unstake my LP tokens?

Yes, you are free to move your LP tokens around as you wish. Staking and unstaking is possible on the website under the "Farm" tab.

My claimable CORE disappeared after depositing new LP tokens. Where are they?

All deposit actions auto-harvest any pending CORE. Check your wallet to verify the CORE is there. You can always go to and verify it there as well.

Regarding successful liquidity withdrawals:

They are caused by liquidity addition front running. It's only possible to remove a part of the liquidity a split second after someone added it. It is important to understand that front running does not allow more to be withdrawn than is deposited. Therefore the liquidity still always goes up.

The release of CORE Router v1.0 gives our community the option to disarm the front running bots. By using Liquidity Zap's bots will not be able to front run these transactions anymore. It does not just make the entire LP process easier but it also saves gas costs.

What is the price floor of CORE?

Due to CORE’s fundamentals, liquidity cannot be removed, and coins cannot be minted. The token has a price floor. Meaning it will never drop under a certain price. This is quite unique, for a cryptocurrency in the DeFi space which is plagued by hyperinflating tokens.

To acquire the price floor you will need to use a series of calculations found in the CORE Formulas section. Our official Discord channel has a useful bot which calculates the price floor of LP tokens and CORE automatically. All you have to do is join the Discord, enter the "Robocore" channel and type "!floor" to receive the price in real time.

What are the incentives of the CORE team?

Initially there is a 1% fee on token transfers, with 7% of the fees accumulated being used as a dev fee. The remaining 93% get distributed to the staked LPs.

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