Core Router

The main functions of the router are:

  • Liquidity Zap

  • Swap

  • Wrap

  • Arbitrage

Liquidity Zap:

Liquidity Zap's allows the user to directly exchange Ethereum into LP tokens while saving GAS costs.

It's a quick and simple way to obtain new LP tokens. You won't be needing to go to UNISWAP or the pool to create them. It is all done through the interface on

Liquidity zap's can not be front run. It is the best way to purchase LP tokens and help the CORE ecosystem grow.

All CORE liquidity provider tokens are locked. You will not be able to exchange these tokens for their underlying assets. LP tokens allow you to participate in the LP farming pool, and obtain rewards.


Swaps allow you direct access to all supported CORE pair contracts (coming soon)


This feature allows you to wrap/unwrap your token to ERC95.

Currently you can wrap and unwrap wBTC to cBTC:

cBTC is a wrapped version of wBTC. You can wrap and unwrap between them at will. Always 1:1, and without any fees.


The Arbitrage tab displays the Number of strategies in the contract and allows you to visualize them by adding them to the watch list.

Users are encouraged to add new strategies to the Arbitrage contract. You can do so by clicking the "Add new strategy" button and following the instructions of the Strategy Setup Wizard.

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