How to buy $CORE

Step 1: Purchase Ethereum

First you’ll need to purchase Ethereum from your favourite cryptocurrency exchange. You can purchase CORE with any amount of Ethereum, however make sure you do have enough to warrant the ETH GAS fees for all your transactions.

Step 2 : Install MetaMask

For this walkthrough we’ll use MetaMask — also supports WalletConnect.

Make sure to follow each step, write your secret phrase down and memorise your password. After this, you have successfully set up your MetaMask.

You have to send your purchased Ethereum to your MetaMask wallet. You can find your Ethereum address by clicking on the MetaMask-Icon on the top right side of your browser. Now click on your address at the top of the MetaMask widget popup and it will copy it to your clipboard.

Go back to your cryptocurrency exchange account and send your Ethereum to your copied Ethereum address.

Step 3 : Gas Fees

Before we start our swapping journey you should have an understanding of Gas fees and limits. If you experience any errors with transactions, try to increase your Gas Limits in Metamask

Step 4 : Connecting your wallet

Once you set up everything you need to go to the official Uniswap pool: and click on the “trade” button in the top right corner.

In the top right corner, click “Connect to Wallet”, MetaMask will now pop up and ask you to trust the site, you have to agree to all of it in order to continue.

Step 5: Swapping ETH for CORE

Click the Swap button, MetaMask will popup asking you again to agree to the transaction. This is where you need to take a look at the current network fees and adjust them if necessary.

Step 7 : Changing Gas amount

You can change the amount of Gas by clicking the edit button next to Gas Fee and opening the advanced tab.

After adjusting the Gas fees you can click confirm. After a minute or so you will receive the transaction confirmation and the new balance of CORE will be visible on the Uniswap page and on in the Summary tab.


You have successfully purchased $CORE.

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