How to mint and stake CORE/ETH LP tokens

Step 1: Connect your Web3 wallet

You can connect to our website through Metamask or WalletConnect. For this walkthrough we’ll use Metamask

To connect your wallet to the website press the Metamask button and log into your wallet.

Step 2: Open the Router

Press the start menu in the bottom left of the website and click on Router.

Step 3: Enter ETH

Enter the amount of Ethereum you would like to swap for LP tokens and click the "SWAP ETH for LP" button.

An estimate of the amount of LP tokens swapped, as well as the gas cost is displayed for your convenience. If you would like to immediately stake the LP tokens, you can check the box “stake automatically” and the router will take care of it.

Wait until your transaction is confirmed and enjoy your new LP tokens.

Step 4: Stake Your LP manually (optional)

If you did not choose to stake your LP automatically through the Liquidity Zap function, you may stake the tokens later by navigating to your wallet on and clicking the stake button. Afterwards choose the amount you would like to stake and confirm the transaction through MetaMask.

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