How to claim rewards from staked LP tokens

Currently has two Liquidity Pools:



Users can farm rewards by staking Liquidity Pool Tokens on our platform. The following user guide explains all necessary steps to claim your rewards from staked LP Tokens.

Step 1: Connect your Web3 wallet

For this walkthrough we’ll use MetaMask — also supports WalletConnect.

Connect your wallet by pressing the "Connect Wallet" button in the CORE.exe window.

Step 2: Open Farm tab

In the wallet.eth window open the "Farm" tab. It will display an overview of claimable rewards.

Step 3: Claim Rewards

Information regarding your wallet's LP tokens for each liquidity pool will be shown in this tab.

  • How many LP tokens are staked

  • APY of the LP Token

  • Claimable Rewards

If your wallet has staked CORE/WETH LP tokens which generated rewards, a "Claim" button will appear. To receive your rewards press the button and confirm the transaction through your MetaMask. To claim rewards for the other LP tokens, just press the appropriate "Claim" button.

Congrats, you successfully claimed your rewards.

You can access a variety of Pair & Token Information by clicking on "More Info"

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